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Can't login in to my account..I need help...thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Eharmony Account.

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Hi! I really love this article, it's quite helpful, you can also read more on eHarmony account login HERE


It is now 2022. I can't get into EH account.

Same problems you listed. Wont send verification email. When i enter credentials they say they are wrong.

When I reset password, then they ask for a code, it either does not work or does not even arrive. Pissed, C.


same compliment can not log in why did i pay money?]


Have you tried Fetoo Dating App. If you haven't, you really missing out.


Customer service guys balk at cancelling my membership and they want to keep charging me for a year.


Find my new account! Help me log back in!


I am having trou keep trying to sign up for premier service so that I can view my matches and read messages I have received site keeps saying u secure and won't let me in can anyone help


I am also!!!! For day's now!!???


After updating EH on 5th of november my messages and visitors are stopped and i cant send any messages to anyone. No one from EH helped me for 20 days.

I tried to reach them many time everywhere but no news their telephones number are out of order , no email response. even membercare@***.com i sent the mail but no response back.

What am i gonna do? I already payed for 6 months but the account is useless now???


Dear SilentCaimanLizard, Thank you for reaching out. I'm very sorry to hear you've had any trouble accessing your account.

If you, or anyone else on this thread is still having trouble logging in, please email us at membercare@eharmony.com from the email associated with your account.

Please make sure to include as much detail as possible about what happens when you try to log in. We'll be happy to investigate further for anyone who needs assistance.


I am unable to login as well


Trying to unsubscribe—eharmony says I have to do it through my iTunes account; iTunes account doesn’t give me the option WTH??


I need help for login too nobody can help me when I call eharmony is so frustrated


Eharmony keeps on screwing around with their site and it's all screwed up now! Very stupid on their part!!


Don't know where you're based but the UK site is having issues too. Won't show the login screens only gives you the new member questionnaire. ***


Same trouble too. When I finally got through to them they blamed my iPad and refused any acknowledgement of having site problems. A refund of the lost time would be helpful, yet I won't hold my breath..


I’m a paid member and the website won’t log me in. Only shows questionnaire for new people.

Has happened before. Fix your or give a refund.


Same thing happened to me, my account was closed, it took me a long time to find their chat room and got my account opened, but lost my details, contacts and payment I made.


The site has been messed up for over 2 weeks now. I want a refund.

Each time I log in I see the same guy's profile on the screen. I am unable to make a complaint on the site.


The Eharmoney website is down. What’s going on?

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