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I am so angry!I signed up with eharmony for the 3 month subscription and they just auto-renewed my membership which 1.

I didn't want and 2. they have no option for a refund after they auto-renew your membership! I find this to be very shady business practices as they make it seem like there is a refund option, however once they auto-renew YOUR account they don't even give you a 3 day trial period to cancel!

This is unacceptable and more people should know about this before signing up- that in fact you cant undo an auto-renew..

a trustworthy business practice would be to extend the same 3 day cancellation trial period they make available when signing up apply to ANY and ALL charges that they make to their customers accounts. I am filing a dispute with my bank as well as the BBB. I cant sit back and let this happen to me.

It's just not fair.I didn't want a renewal and thats all there is to it.

Review about: Eharmony Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $134.

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I had an auto renew charge which I had checked days prior to ensure it wasn't turned on, contacted them and they said as per their terms and conditions no refunds, so I just contacted my credit card provider and got them to cancel the charge as I hadn't authorized it


It done to same thing to me!!!! This is unfair!!!!!! What I can do?


eHarmony has done the same thing to me!

They have a terrible way of doing business.

I wouldn't even call it business, more like straight out theft.


yes, it is.

it is the worst company that doing that


I as well have been scamed by this site and one other one to.the only thing you can do is cancel your card and request a new one with new number.

they tell you one price and you can quit at any time then you find out that isnt the case at all.

I have researched many dating sites since this has happened and found out that there all scams to get your money, if not you will meet someone whos says they love you and give you a sob story and you fall for it then they start asking for money or they want you to cash bad checks for them.so be carefull there all fake


How on EARTH can we defend ourselves from this?!They won't refund my $39 and they WON'T even LET me quit UNTIL I pay another $80+!!!

Then I can quit, after I pay for a year for NOTHING!!

Their website/app are flawed, they do NOT let you easily look through your communications and their Match 'chemistry system' is a non existent JOKE!!!!!

This website is about only one thing: Epic marketing to make you think a scam is a legit service.

I feel like an *** for not seeing it until now!!!!!


Also caught out by the auto-renew garbage.Just before I cancelled my membership 12 months ago I ensured I unticked the auto-renew button.

Sure enough I was still charged out of the blue. Sooo angry! I really can not afford this.

I tried to call e-harmony, no help.

My bank is being hopeless about a charge back so I cancelled the credit card in the end.

NEVER, EVER use this crappy site.Hope they get sued!

to Anonymous #989793

How did you call r o cancel?


Same problem with eHarmony. I deliberately closed my automatic renewal after a week of a three month subscription. Then guess what they have taken another three months

West Sussex, England, United Kingdom #947417

This is the shadiest dating website ever

Haven't heard anything from them and haven't logged in since cancelling in April 2014, to then be charged from January 2015 for auto renew

They no claim they have no record of my cancellation.

The customer service team cannot help you and are robotic drones who repeat scripted lines over and over

Warning to future subscribers

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