I don't know if I am the first...I doubt it...but I have been on four a month and all I get is total fat dogs...I specifically stated I wanted thin, average, a few extra pounds etc and I have gotten almost nothing! for $60 you bettter re-think it...and no I am not ugly...I've never had a problem getting attractive women so be warned...no cuties to be found here...Oh and they sent me matches from far away when I stated it was important that they be close not a single one in my city and K>C> is next door and not squat going on there

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

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Same here..i can't find anyone from Kansas..and I am not no fat dog...


Thanks, Good to know they blow at Eharmony. Some dating sites don't blow.


I must be really bad. Eharmony said they couldn't fine me a match.


eHarmony has no integrity at all, and it's basically highway robbery. Their ads are completely misleading and you should definitely stay far away.

There IS a great site with Real Matching that Works! It's called


I joined it and it's been great. They keep their promises. Try there instead.


I stupidly joined eHarmony.ca for a year. I get matched to people with minimal profiles and no photos and worst is getting sent a New Match announcement and then opening it up to see it says the person no longer has a profile on the system.

When I asked eHarmony (3 times) why this is happening, they write back some garbage about the person choosing not to close our communication. What communication? eHarmony sent me a dead profile and called it NEW!. I have also complained about links that don't work on their site to view others photos or change my own.

Instead of answering any and all of my concerns, they usually send a stock paragraph reply and then send a suggestion on reviewing my introduction - implying that the fault is really my own if I don't meet anyone. It's the old "a good offense is the best defense" game. And no, I haven't met anyone. I regret wasting my money and wished I had checked into the complaints before signing up.

So folks, save your hard-earned money! This site is a SCAM!


they matched me with my exwife LOL, we still get laugh over that one, about the only thing we agree on LOL,


If you are on the market of finding a new mate, please stay away from eharmony.com; They are the worst and their matches provided are sent on a automated basis, they are not individually reviewed and matched like they falsely advertise on their TV commercials.

I had the worst experience with them after I was lured into a membership when I saw the "free communication weekend" add; I did not plan on joining but with that free communication weekend all you get is an account and you get to answer a questionnaire that your "matches" send you, for any further communication you will need to join, their membership is the most expensive I have ever seen and they try to get you to sign up for 3 or more months of their bad service, the more months the cheaper it is, please do not fall for it; DO NOT join for more than one month if you must!, they have a "NO REFUND" policy, so no matter how unsuccessful or how unsatisfied you are with their services, they will not let you cancel, no matter how much you complain and how right you are. They are obviously doing this because if they had a satisfaction guarantee they would be out of business. They are a VERY disorganized company, all their funds must be for the TV commercials and not to provide with a good staff in their company. I really hope they go out of business and I wish they would stop running their misleading commercials.

I was lured become a paid member with a "match" that was conveniently exactly what I was looking for, after I joined I never heard from the match again and I never got another compatible match again, this was all very suspicious and convenient for eharmony.com; to this day I still wonder if that one "match" was made up by them, all the other matches provided where not what I wrote I was looking for, but we might share the same religion or a couple of the same answers in their multiple selection questionnaire; some of the matches where even fake profiles with bogus names and answers like: wwwwwiiiii loooossslllls...etc on their about yourself questions.

I can't believe a serious matching company would not scan their members for things like that and more so would even pass those bogus profiles on to another serious member.

I think is really wrong to take advantage of people wanting to find a soul mate. This company will not do that for you. The worst thing is the number of possible "matches" they send you, my email was constantly flooded with "new matches" that where not my match and their elimination process is a very lengthy 4 step process, you can't just look at a profile and click a "not interested" button, they proceed to ask you why you are not interested and they want you to rate that person's profile and then send that "match" an explination from their multiple selection on why you are not interested, then you can finally get that profile out of your "new matches" list, if you have 30 people as your new matches you can spend a good and valuable 2 hours of your time just eliminating all of them (and more than likely you will end up eliminating them all)... I think this someone else matching you is not a very good idea for the way eharmony.com does business; maybe if they put more effort into each individual signing up they would have a more reliable service but they just don't.

My complaint emails to them where answered with an "I am sorry you are dissatisfied with our service" smile at the other side, since there are no refunds, they simply do not care.

Please don't lose your money and end up being disappointed, frustrated and upset like I did. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES.

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