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Let me add some clarification to below complaint, I din\'t like eharmony for the simple fact that most of the profiles don\'t a photos and maybe I was a little inpatient, but the site is very boring why would I like to pay to see profile with not pictures?....

Original review posted by user Nov 25, 2011

I sing up for eHarmony after doing some research, but luckily I keep researching and after having my profile up for almost 3 days I decided to cancel and was able to get a refund. The keep sending matches of people with no photos, hello?... and then the one that have a photo I will show some interest but they will never answer back, one of then ask me some questions, maybe 2 of them but when I answer they will not show anymore interest, and I have not problem finding guy , because I am so what very pretty but i was looking for a more serious relationship and since eharmony claim that they have the highest rate of marriage so I wanted to give a try, but I was a waste of time, you don't have the option not to see profiles with not pictures and their matches suck, so I am gald I got out of it in time

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I agree, I din't know you could get a refund but I pretty much immediately regretted signing up and paying for i when I did. Before you pay, there are pics on all the profiles; once you're in all that goes away and it;s a dead website full of old old profiles that show "over a month since last logon" or something like that.

Useless waste of money. Now, the city bus, that's where I met my man, and less than a week after I paid eharmony.

And much cheaper. lol


Yes it is their fault, because I would at least like to be able to choose if I want to see the profiles with not pictures, but the website doesn't give you that option, since you are not able to modify whatever matches they sent you.

And for Tim Thomas, please don't be so ignorant, I do that all the time, but am just tired of that.... Ok... people in this website need to have some manners and respect, so rude and uneducated, I have my complaints about this website already....


No pics isn't a dating site's fault, just like people posting old/fake pics isn't their fault. If you want to look at people's faces go out to a bar or a park or anywhere but the internet.


The main reason why I cancel my account was because the majority of profiles didn't have pictures and the website was rather boring to use.


This is a serious complaint? People didn't seem interested in you for the three days you were on there, and you're blaming the website? Don't think this is a valid complaint on eHarmony.

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