I am extremely disappointed about the way that eHarmony has chosen to address / not address my concerns and my issue. immediately upon finding out that someone had opened up a subscription using my information and debit card, I reached out to my banking institution and also to eHarmony to advise all.

Since then, eHarmony has refused to close out the account and acknowledge the fact that it was a fraudulent subscription, not authorized or performed by me personally. I explained to them that I personally did not authorize this purchase of this subscription, and therefore it is not a valid purchase. My banking institution has canceled my debit card and also another card, because eHarmony has continued to pursue my accounts for payment. After my bank canceled my debit card, eHarmony went as far as to go through PayPal and find one of my other cards and took it upon themselves to take payment from this card.

Therefore, I have to contact my banking institution again and have them open up another claim, and cancel every issue me another card.

I think that it's terrible that they go about business in this manner and treat people this way! Immediately upon learning of their subscription, probably within the first half hour, I contacted eHarmony(I had received an email notification of the subscription) Yet they still refuse to cancel the subscription, and continue to pursue payment from my account.

Can anyone assist with this?

Also, I will make sure that I tell everyone that I know about this terrible experience with eHarmony if this is not resolved in a proper fashion and continues to be an issue!

User's recommendation: Beware of eHarmony!

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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