I'm an older woman who is seeking someone to just talk with. I'm not interested in any type of online dating (dangerous, I believe), I am not interested in out of marriage sex, I am a Christian, just someone to talk with.

I still work full time, knit, read, bike, when I have extra money, I love to entertain and cook. Additionally, I'm in the process of writing a children's book. Discuss the blessing of being a Christian. So, can I meet someone on EHarmony for a chat?

or is this site strickly for dating? Any site I visit, it's always about sex, then people compain about our culture.

Well, there is a lot to complain about, isn't there? Thank you.


Product or Service Mentioned: Eharmony Online Dating.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

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Yes love that statement. I'm a man 54 years old and just want to communicate with a woman who is real. One who doesn't mind showing what's in her heart wither its sad or joyful.


Yes, I like that statement too, but conversation, interests, thoughts.


hi im a sexy brown skin slim shady im looking for a hot sexy guy to take my virginity he must be a good kisser and hot


I like the comments I just read. I'm a 65 year old man sitting in a wheel chair minus my right leg.

I have no visions of meeting a sexy woman, I just want to chat. I live alone and would like to chat with a woman my age that remembers the things from our past we can relate to.


Awh well you can talk to grandkids or maybe your own kids if you have haha. I would love to have my grandparents (62-72) talk to you but they don't speak much English! C: Just buy some books, once you start reading you can't stop lol :grin


can you rub my ***?


anybody there :sigh


any one want to chat :grin


Would love to just chat, but you aren't likely to be very interested from what I've gathered on the net....


Me too. I would rather talk to a single man as we might have fun talking & maybe even a lil light flirting.I am not into disrespecting other women.

If you like to chat and are into playing cards. Look me up on Pogo.com I usually play spades.

You can sign up for free & add me to your friends list. My pogo name is SheDevilmoi

Don't let that scare ya..I have a crazy sense of humor & luv to have fun:)


I too wonder where all the women went. I just want to chat with normal women not looking for sex.

I am very happily married but live in an area on the Saskatchewan Prairie. We are only home for spring,till fall. Off thr' the winter to travel the world.

Would love to hear from other women that travel or live on the Prairie.



Would like to chat with the lady that just wants to chat. No DATING or Sex TALK Just chit chatting that works for me.

I"m married got 7 kids and 17 grandkids I"V HAVE Been married FORTY years now. SOOOO. DATING SEX OR ANYTHING OTHER THEN TALKING IS ALL IT WILL BE. Just want to be friends if she wants to be.

I"m from W.Va. the HILLBILLY STATE. So if you get this message we can certainly talk about anything you want you pick the topic. I"M a good lisner to.

Can be very understanding as well.



So, what does your wife think of the time you spend on your computer chatting with other women? Just curious to know how she really feels about this.


you sound hot. Lets get together and... chat


Try craigslist or meetup.com

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