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. I agreed to sign up for the 6 month service and to be billEd for the first 3 of the six month service.

I also went ahead and cancelled the automatic renewal. I have been billed 4 times the first was:

7.13.20 (51.64)

2nd time:

8.14.20 (51.64)

3rd time:

9.14.20 (51.64)

4th time

10.7.20 (51.63)

I dont know what has happened to my account but I am unable to sign in and keep being prompted to sign up for a new account??? I would greatly appreciate the 51.64 that has been overcharged to me today. The billing for my specific service was to be billed for the first 3 months then the final 3 months would take me to the end of my plan without payment.

I have already agreed to your sites agreement of cancelling my subscription at 6 months which would be the end of agreed subscription.

Please refund the over charged amount of 51.63 as soon as possible. Thank you very much.



Location: Redmond, Washington

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I’m sorry for what you are going through. Seems like everyone is experience similar situations. Hopefully someone will read all of these one day and reach out to Eharmony making them honor reasonable requests within a reasonable time.

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