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Payment option

American Express?

1 answer
dont give them a credit card... they will trick you into a full year subscription and force you to pay up front... always turn off automatic renewal its a scam site.. use a gift visa gift card something that cannot be further connected to you

Cancel my subscription

I really am turned off with this. I wish to cancel and not have anymore payments taken out please.

1 answer
I want to cancel

I made a mistake on my birthdate how do correct this?

2 answers
According to eHarmony Help Center, to make changes to your profile, you should click on the dropdown menu from the navigation bar at the top of the site. From here, you can make changes to any sections of your profile with the pencil or "+" icon. Click on any of these areas to make the necessary changes and be sure to click "Save" when finished. To change your Location, Religion, Education Level or anything other details, click on the "Match Preferences" button from the same dropdown menu and scroll through the various sections to update your details. You can also review your preferences for your matches for the same categories while here.
Next year you can correct this.
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How do I unblock someone that I accidentally blocked?

by Derriona

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